U.S. Hispanic Awards Honor Toyota, Volvo, California Milk.

The five best ideas in the U.S. Hispanic market involve hijacking unsuspecting car buyers, writing graffiti in the snow about sunny travel destinations, and giving cars nicknames.

The winners of the U.S.H. Idea awards, announced by creative group Circulo Creativo in partnership with AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing at an awards show Tuesday night in Miami, include the top five ideas culled from all the entries:

1.Voted the best idea, the TV commercial "Brave" for the California Milk Processor Board by independent agency Grupo Gallegos focuses on a young man recalling his childhood as he takes a snack break (with milk) at work. When he was afraid to go to bed at night, his mother encouraged him over a glass of milk to think of brave people. He thinks of fire fighters, and that's what he turns out to be now that he's all grown up. The spot ends with the line "What you say with a glass of milk lasts forever."

"We talked about it being a TV commercial [and decided] we shouldn't penalize an ad because it's a traditional medium," said Aldo Quevedo, who is both AHAA's chair and part of Circulo Creativo, as well as principal/creative director at Hispanic shop Richards/Lerma. "The production is impeccable, the idea is simple, and the product is in the middle of everything."

For the first time, Grupo Gallegos teamed up with its milk client's other agency, "Got Milk" creator Goodbye, Silverstein & Partners, to address the entire California market, both Hispanic and non-Hispanic. The spot was also one of the big winners at the Wave Festival for Latin America earlier this month in Rio de Janeiro, picking up four Film and Film Craft awards, including the only gold for a U.S. Hispanic shop.