Salma Gottfried, Principal and Brand Leader at Richards/Lerma, Wins Artist Competition for Kitchen LTO

Salma Gottfried Principal and Brand Leader at Richards/Lerma

Salma Gottfried
Principal and Brand Leader at Richards/Lerma

Now open in West Dallas' Trinity Groves, Kitchen LTO is a permanent pop-up restaurant that reinvents itself three times per year and gives a rotating home to up-and-coming chef and artist talent and their ideas.

Salma Gottfried, Principal and Brand Leader at Richards/Lerma, won the artist position by popular vote and will transform Kitchen LTO's interior walls for the October 2 opening. Blythe Beck won the executive chef position.

Salma Gottfried has a passion for abstract architectural visual interpretation. She notes, "Lines, angles, and shapes are my inspiration. My greatest influencers are photographers who are masters of visual simplicity, yet so powerful in evoking human emotion. In my mind, there is a correlation between adventure, free spirit, travel, and expression, feeling the moment and a memory, and experimentation. I am thrilled to have won this competition and am looking forward to using Blythe Beck's menu as inspiration and giving diners the chance to experience my work."

Salma is a Principal at Dallas' Richards/Lerma, a next generation Hispanic marketing agency with offices in Dallas, Mexico City, and Argentina. 

"We are so happy for Salma. This is a great achievement," said Pete Lerma, founder of the agency. "At Richards/Lerma, we celebrate our team's achievements, both professional and personal. What's really impressive is her ability to perfectly balance her professional life with her love for photography. It's truly a pleasure to be around her. She's electric!"

Born and raised in Mexico City, Salma deftly blends the organized approach of a brand manager with the fluidity and expression of an artist. Not surprising, considering that in another life she was a modern dancer and still retains her creative identity through abstract photography. Salma has been featured in a special-edition book published by Mentor Series Worldwide Photo Treks and her commissioned work hangs in a number of high profile venues in Dallas and Costa Rica. Photography is Salma Gottfried's way of capturing art and beauty in things that we might otherwise pass by. 

Kitchen LTO is literally "Limited Time Only," as a new restaurant is born every four months. Three times a year, a new chef rotates in and introduces a new menu concept. Simultaneously, a new artist transforms the interior walls. Applicants are screened by a selection committee for qualifications and then voted on through an event, website, and social media channels, giving the general public is the ultimate deciding factor for which chef and artist will take the reigns for the next four months.