Círculo Creativo Expands The Jury Of The 2016 U.S.H. Idea Awards

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Including more agencies, planners and production companies


Miami, FL (September 19, 2016) – On October 12th, we will celebrate the latest edition of the USH IDEAS AWARDS, the most symbolic and prestigious event that celebrates and rewards the advertising Hispanic market in the U.S.

For this edition, Círculo Creativo decided to expand its panel of juries presently comprised of 68 members: Including a large number of top-level creatives in the market as well as planners and leaders of production companies for categories in Strategic Planning and Craft, respectively.

“Every year, we seek to be more inclusive by opening the doors of Círculo for everyone to be a part of it: First, bringing closer the creatives from every agency and, now, the planners and production companies as well. This is key in a market where we are all far away and need a Círculo that unites us and truly represents." stated Gustavo Lauría, President of Círculo Creativo and Co-Founder of We Believers.

The 2016 jury has a considerable number of female members seeking to create a better balance in gender diversity.

"It's a source of pride for us at Círculo to have such a renowned group of judges, starting with a jury president of the caliber of Fernanda Romano, who is recognized on a global scale. She will lead a group of great diversity both in terms of origin and area of expertise, representative of the different sectors of the Multicultural industry such as creativity, strategic planning and content production.” remarked Luis Miguel Messianu, Chairman of Círculo Creativo.

The award consists of 16 categories and 151 subcategories and, as always, will be awarded to the 5 best ideas of the year, plus it will bestow golds, silvers and bronzes.

Below you will find the distinguished list of jurors for the 2016 U.S.H. Idea Awards:

Jury President:

  • Fernanda Romano, Founder, Creative and Strategy Partner, Malagueta


Creative Jurors:

  • Álvar Suñol, Co-President/Chief Creative Officer, Alma
  • Erick Rodríguez, Senior Art Director, Anomaly
  • Federico Hauri, VP Creative Director, Bravo/Y&R
  • Alejandro Ortíz, VP/Creative Director, Casanova//McCann
  • Diego Yurkievich, VP Executive Creative Director, Conill
  • Marina Cuesta, Associate Creative Director, Dieste
  • Mariela Rueda, Associate Creative Director, Deutsch
  • Dilam Mattia, Executive Creative Director, Fluent360
  • Manolo Vargas, Senior Copywriter, Grupo Gallegos
  • César Bettocchi, Creative Director, Hispanic Group
  • Jon Jaimes, Associate Creative Director, inspire
  • Juan Cruz Bobillo, Partner / Executive Creative Director, Insight
  • Alejandro Egozcue, Creative Director, LatinWorks
  • Olga Reyes, Executive Creative Director, López Negrete Communications
  • Alejandro Berbari, Partner, SVP Executive Creative Director, MARCA Miami
  • Diego Andrade, Senior Copywriter, Orcí
  • Florencia Leibaschoff, Creative Director, Richards/Lerma
  • Marcos Calandrelli, Creative Director, *S,C,P,F…
  • Ricky Vior, VP Executive Creative Director, the community
  • Martín Cerri, Creative Director
  • Santiago Luna Lupo, Creative Director, We Believers
  • Pepe Aguilar, Chief Creative Officer, Wing
  • Favio Ucedo, Ex-Chief Creative Officer, Wing/Grey
  • Jorge Jácome, Associate Creative Director, Zubi Advertising


Planning & Strategy Jurors

  • Marta Insua, Chief Curiosity Officer, Alma
  • Omar Quiñones, Group Strategy Director, Anomaly
  • Juan Mantilla, VP, Strategic Planning, Bravo/Y&R
  • Simón El Hage, SVP Director of Strategic Planning, Casanova//McCann
  • Dania Aguayo, Associate Director of Strategic Planning, Conill
  • Gabriela González, Strategic Planning Director, Dieste
  • Catarina Goncalves, Planning Director, Grupo Gallegos
  • Ana Gamez, Senior Strategic Planner, inspire
  • Liria Barbosa, Director of Planning, Insight
  • Edgardo Olaizola, Strategy Director, Lápiz
  • Aliya Ghows, Senior Director, Strategic Planning, LatinWorks
  • Michele Hall, Associate Account Planning Director, López Negrete Communications
  • Henry Gómez, Senior Director, Strategic Planning, MARCA Miami
  • Quim Gil, Principal/Brand Planning, Richards/Lerma
  • Antonio Nuñez, Head of Planning, *S,C,P,F…
  • Marco Vega, Co-Founder/Chief Strategy Officer, We Believers
  • Laura Chavoen, Director, Social Strategy, Wing
  • Pablo Rosas, Account Planning Director, Zubi Advertising


Craft Jurors

  • Elda Bravo, Principal/Head of Production, ACA Films
  • Marcos Cline-Márquez, Executive Producer, Altered.LA
  • Marcelo Páez, Executive Producer/Director, America Filmworks
  • Mary Pimienta, Executive Producer, Basecamp Entertainment
  • David Chipón, Executive Producer, Bikini Films
  • Javier Carbo, Executive Producer/President, Carbo Films
  • Rodrigo García Sáiz, Director, Central Films
  • Nelson Cabrera, Director, Cherry Sundae Media
  • Francisco Pugliese, President/Director, D’Avant-Garde Media
  • José Antonio Álvarez, Executive Producer, Harpoon Pictures
  • César Ahumada, President/Executive Producer, La Fabrica Films USA
  • Pablo Caceres, Chief Creative Officer, Indiehouse
  • Fro Rojas, Classy Director/Photographer/Editor, Kreative Kontent
  • Juan Pablo Taylor, Executive Producer, Landia
  • Jorge Colón, Director, Letca Films
  • Alina Havandjian, Director of Marketing and Sales, MAkinE Studios
  • Pablo Colella, Editor/Owner, Mármol Miami
  • Leo Lovera, Founder/Head of VFX & Post, Moving Forward Studios
  • Leda Nasio, Executive Producer, Nunchaku
  • Alexis Estiz, Partner & Head Composer, Personal Music
  • Pablo Piriz, Head of Postproduction, Pixel Power Post
  • Santiago Francia, Production Manager, RAYA
  • Hernán Menéndez, Founder, TheCutClub! Corp
  • Jorge Vallejo, Editor, Vapor Post


Special Guest, Music in Advertising Juror

  • Leila Cobo, Executive Director, Latin Content & Programming, Billboard


The award ceremony will take place at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach, Florida, Wednesday evening, October 12, 2016.

 For more information, visit www.ushideaawards.com.





Founded in 1999, Círculo Creativo is a non-profit organization that represents creative directors, producers and ad planners of the Spanish-language advertising industry on a national and international basis. For more information about Círculo Creativo, please visit www.circulocreativo.org, or follow us on Twitter at @circulousa.



The U.S.H. Idea Awards is the industry standard to celebrate outstanding creative achievement in advertising generated by Hispanic or general market agencies targeting the Hispanic market.  The award show is produced and presented by Círculo Creativo.



Francisco Vargas, General Manager, Círculo Creativo, gm@circulocreativo.org

Gustavo Lauría, President, Círculo Creativo, president@circulocreativo.org