Dieste presents 'at&t & DIRECTV: the unlimited effect'


Ambiculturals value being “in-the-know” in all aspects of their lives with the belief that sharing their knowledge (of multiple cultures) empowers them to connect with others.
This means that staying connected to their entertainment is an essential part of their daily life. They crave and appreciate the freedom and flexibility to access their content when and where they want (especially on their mobile devices).


Showcasing how having access to unlimited data and unlimited entertainment from AT&T and DIRECTV gives you an edge wherever you go.



“The Unlimited Effect – Restaurant” is in the category of an addressable ad, which performed well within its key Ambicultural audience. The ad delivered a relevant and ownable message. It also achieved consideration and Better Brand opinions. In addition, this ad exhibited a solid performance within the GM target, meeting norms on key metrics.



Lápiz: México Tourism Board – “Melting Neon”

Mexico has done it again. After last year´s Snow Graffiti campaign where they invited people to escape from Chicago´s freezing winter, they evolved their experimentation creating the first ever Melting Neon sign. A 5 meter high billboard built during ITB, the World´s Leading Travel Show at Berlin during the last days of winter.

The trade show with more than 175 International visitors was a nice opportunity to promote traveling to Mexico through a cool installation placed in the main entrance of Messe Berlin. This impressive neon light was frozen during night time to invite everyone to enjoy Mexico´s longer sun hours thawing out on their warm weather.


Agency: Lápiz / Leo Burnett (Chicago)
Creative Team: Carlos “Ia” Murad, Eduardo Vea Keating, Flavio Pina
Production Team: Aldo Gagliardi, Juale Chavez, Julie Ptasinski
Strategy Team: Felipe Cabrera, Isabella Villalobos
Account Team: Ernesto Adduci, Daniela Barceló, Pablo Sabouret, Maria Bonet
Production Design Studio: Espada y Santa Cruz (Madrid)
Post-Production: Beast (Chicago), Earhole Studios (Chicago), Co3 (Chicago), Method Studios (Chicago)
Music: “7th Sea” by Cordelia and the Buffalo
Music License: SoStereo

Bravo Miami: We Save Lives Launches Anti-Drunk Driving Initiative 'Reflections From Inside'

We Save Lives, a non-profit created by MADD founder Candace Lightner, has launched “Reflections from Inside,” an online film against drunk driving.

The campaign, created by BRAVO Miami and produced by Paraná Films, Vaporpost and Mokoh Music, features a long-form online film showing the reactions from patrons at a bar bathroom who are faced with the reflections of Kris Caudilla, a convicted drunk driver currently serving 15 years for vehicular manslaughter in a Florida prison. The film took a year and a half to bring to life and included numerous prison visits and coordination with many State and Federal government entities.

“We hope this message hits home in a relevant way and gives people the courage to intervene when they know someone is about to drive drunk,” said Candace Lightner, founder of We Save Lives. She added, “we often hear from the victims of impaired driving but to our knowledge this is the first time a convicted felon who is now in prison has come forward to do a PSA about the tragic consequences of drinking and driving. We believe Kris’s message will save lives.”  

Even after decades of awareness and messages highlighting the importance of intervention and responsibility, drunk driving still kills 30 people in America every day. Federico Hauri, BRAVO Miami VP Creative Director stated, “this is a real guy with a real, powerful story of regret that we believe can break through and change people’s behavior in the key moment before getting behind the wheel.” 


Lala Wants People to Start 'Yogurting'

Borden Dairy Brand Uses Action and Music in First National Brand Push for Drinkable Yogurt

Lala yogurt has come up with a new word, "yogurting," to promote its smoothies as the brand's U.S. ad budget and distribution are poised to take off.

The brand, better known in Latin America, has been gaining traction in the U.S. as one of the flagship brands for Borden Dairy. After years as a regional player, Lala is pushing forward with its first national campaign on Feb. 15, focused on the brand's yogurt smoothies.

The product, sold in traditional and Greek styles, hits on a mix of trends in the market right now as people want protein-filled and better-for-you products they can consume during busy days, said Desiree Johnson, director of marketing for Lala USA at Borden Dairy.

In a departure from some yogurt advertising, or perhaps because of it, Lala is not emphasizing the nutritional details of the drinks. "Everybody kind of knows that yogurt is great for you," Ms. Johnson said. "What I believe the yogurting campaign does is make it relevant to a younger audience."

As for what yogurting means, "it's really being able to just grab a yogurt and go. You don't even need a spoon," Ms. Johnson said.

An earlier campaign concept from Dieste that touted "no spoon required" did not resonate as well as the new campaign in focus groups, she added. The new campaign from Dieste shows people with the drinks as they do everything from commuting to surfing.


Agency: Dieste Inc.
Client: LALA USA
Chief Creative Officer: Ciro Sarmiento
Associate Creative Director: Damián Nuñez
Sr. Copywriter: Andres Pedraza
Sr. Art Director: Sergio Rojas
Agency Producer: Gerry Rivera / Jose Luis Chavez
Production Company: Shooters Films
Executive Producer: Mauricio Jemal
Director: Jerry Dugan
Director of Photography: Matt Uhry
2nd Unit Director: Mateo Arias
Post Production: Lucky Post
Music Studio: Yessia

'Bacon Subtitles' by Lápiz to promote Chicago Latino Film Festival

Chicago-based creative agency Lápiz is serving up a new advertising campaign to promote the 31st Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival - movies with “Bacon Subtitles.”
Thanks to the new campaign, reading English subtitles during the Festival’s Spanish-language movies just got easier to swallow. In an effort to increase attendance and make the foreign-film experience more enjoyable, Lápiz created a new subtitle font that resembles bacon.
"The festival is having a bit of fun by creating a special font that will finally make bacon-loving Americans watch Latin American movies with subtitles,” said Laurence Klinger, Chief Creative Officer at Lápiz.
The agency spent a month developing the bacon typography, a readable alternative to mundane subtitles. A mockumentary video “Bacon Subtitles” explains the process.
In the spot, a typographer creates letters out of bacon. It doesn’t take long before he succumbs to the temptation of eating his letters and even implores the help of a vegan, all the while satirizing American eating habits.  
The first movie with the bacon subtitles, Mexican director Barbara Balsategui’s “Pork Chops/Carnitas,” aired on April 11 and 12 at the AMC River East. Ironically, the movie tells the story of a girl and her pet piglet.

Snow Graffiti - Lápiz

Los primeros días de la primavera en Chicago fueron especialmente fríos, alargando uno de los inviernos más duros de todos los tiempos.

La agencia Multicultural Lápiz liderada por los brasileños Laurence Klinger y Fabio Seidl en el departamento creativo, y con el apoyo del artista español NosE lanariz, sacaron una sonrisa a los habitantes de la Windy City, con inteligentes mensajes utilizando la misma nieve de la que todo el mundo se quejaba para promocionar México y su cálido clima.

Como dijo el famoso Marshall McLuhan, el medio es el mensaje. Campaign - Wing


Agency: Wing
Chief Creative Officer: Favio Ucedo
Associate Creative Director: Facundo Paglia
Copywriters: Marc Duran, Martín De Ferrari, Facundo Paglia
Art Directors: Julieth Monsalve, Anthoni Rodríguez
Agency Producer: Nadina Steimberg
Production House: Garage Films
Director: Simon Rubalcava
DP: Javier Zarco
Music Artist: Rafael Rodríguez
Editor: María José Santa Rita
Mixer Engineer: Gonzalo Ugarteche

DPA - Adoptable Trends - Dieste

Título: "Adoptable Trends"
Cliente: DPA
Producto: DPA
Agencia: Dieste
CCO: Paco Olavarrieta 
Director Creativo Ejecutivo: Ciro Sarmiento
ACD: Mónica Douglas
Redactor: José Benitez
Directores de Arte: Francisco Arranz, Arturo Lee
Head of Art: Gustavo Zapata
Director Digital: Francisco Cárdenas
Community Manager: Jesse Echevarría
Public Relations: Carla Eboli
Productor de Agencia: John Costello
SEM: Standing Dog Interactive
Casa Productora: Letca Films
Director: Jorge Colón
Productora Ejecutiva: Melina Acevedo
Música/Sound Mix: Personal Music
Director: Alberto Slezynger
Compositor: Alexis Estiz
Ingeniero de Sonido: Luis Gómez
Productora Ejecutiva: Vanessa Lozano

The Water Project - Walton Isaacson

Título: “The Water Project"
Cliente: The Water Project Foundation
Agencia: Walton Isaacson
Director General Creativo: Martín Cerri
Director Creativo Asociado: César Sánchez
Directores de Arte: Nora Lam, Andrea Loza, Stephanie Fenter
Copywriter: Martín Cerri
Productor Ejecutivo: Shauna Williams
Productor: Elsa Rubalcava
Compañía Productora: Parana Films
Editor: Voltron at Trulove Post
Ingeniero de Sonido: Gonzalo Ugarteche at Trulove Post
Compositor: Juan Manuel Leguizamón at Trulove Post
Social Media Manager: Alison Fraker
VP Digital: Lesley Pinckney