More Than 500 People Attended Circulo Creativo’s "A Week After The Super Bowl" Event

Circulo Creativo USA is increasingly consolidated as the only organization that works to improve creativity and unite Hispanic American creative talent in the United States, after the successful completion of the first "A week after the Super Bowl" event that brought together the advertising creative industry simultaneously in six different cities across the country. 

The event, was held in the cities of Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and New York, and was open to the public and members of Circulo Creativo USA on Thursday, February 7. With more than 500 people in attendance, each city invited groups of panelists to discuss the best and worst commercials of Super Bowl LIII.

In the six different presentations, the participation of the following panelists was highlighted:


Alejandro Juli, Creative Director at Energy BBDO

María Bernal, VP Creative Director at Lápiz

José Suaste, Executive Creative Director at Fluent 360

Alethya Luiselli, Senior Producer at Leo Burnett

Felipe Díaz Arango, Senior Planner at Alma



Carla Dodds, Chief Digital Officer at Pier1

John Costello, Executive Producer at Dieste

Julia Melle, Group Creative Director at The Richards Group

Quim Gil, Principal, Director of Planning at Richards/Lerma


Houston / Austin:

Olga Reyes, Executive Creative Director at López Negrete Communications

Serge Flores, Executive Creative Director at LatinWorks

Felipe Fenton, Senior Editor at ZapBoomBang Studios

Alex García, Creative Director at Tippit & Moo


Los Angeles:

Favio Ucedo, Freelance Creative Director

Suzy Ghov, Associate Planning Director at Casanova//McCann

Francisco Pugliese, Director at D'Avant-Garde Media



Ida Chacón, VP Multicultural Client Solutions at Latinum Network

Michelle Headley, SVP Operations and Production at Alma

Pablo Rosas, Director of Account Planning at The Community

Milton Lebron, Chief Creative Officer at República Havas

Pablo Miró, VP Growth Marketing at Zubi Advertising


New York:

Germán Rivera Hudders, Creative at Bullish

Johnny Dantonio, Creative Director at Anomaly


This first event was held thanks to the work of Circulo’s new regional leaders:

Serge Flores, Executive Creative Director at LatinWorks in Austin.

Javier Osorio, Freelance Creative Director in Chicago.

Flor Leibaschoff, Group Creative Director at Richards/Lerma in Dallas.

Fernando Osuna, Chief Creative Officer at López Negrete Communications in Houston.

Elías Weinstock, Chief Creative Officer at Casanova/McCann in Los Angeles.

Iván Calle, Vice President, Executive Creative Director at Zubi in Miami.

Mauricio Galván, Creative Director at Anomaly in New York.


They worked closely with the three Co-Chairman: Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Alma; Aldo Quevedo, Principal, Creative Director at Richards/Lerma; Gustavo Lauría, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at We Believers; and General Manager: Francisco Vargas, Executive Producer at Adictivo and Counselor: Bettina Abascal, Director at Momentum.

In addition, Circulo Creativo USA is thankful for the support of all its sponsors without who’s contributions it would not have been possible to put on this fantastic simultaneous event:

In Chicago: Earhole Studios, Cerveza Sol.

In Dallas: Man On Fire Studios.

In Houston: López Negrete Communications, LatinWorks, Tippit & Moo, ZapBoomBang Studios

In Los Angeles: Trulove Post, D'Avant-Garde Media, Whisky.

In Miami: Zubi Advertising, In & Out, Indiehouse, LANDIA, George Ortiz Casting, I Got Creative, Make A Beat, Quantico Films, Mixto Music, Tono Studios, Red Squid Studios, The Mill.

In New York: We Believers, Anomaly, Personal Music NY, Harpoon Pictures.


Circulo Creativo also officially opened its membership registrations for the year 2019:

Memberships are open to all professionals and freelancers who work in advertising agencies, public relations, advertisers, production and post production houses, photographers, in-house agencies or Hispanic media in the United States, or who are of Latin American and Spanish origin. working in the aforementioned areas of the general market of this country.

In the next few weeks, Circulo Creativo will announce its next event.