Cannes Lions 2015 - Talks - Latin: The Hottest New Brand? Hosted by LatinWorks

CANNES LIONS 2015 - TALKS - Latin: The Hottest New Brand? Hosted by LatinWorks

Monday 22 June  | 17:00 - 17:45  | Debussy

What comes to mind when you think "Latin"?

Maybe a tropical island, warm weather, some type of music

Or perhaps you think of some of the most innovative ideas in the world today?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and Latinos are all over the map leaving their mark in advertising, entertainment, arts and business.

What makes a Latin idea, Latin?

Can those characteristics be replicated anywhere else in the world?

In this seminar we will propose the idea that the Latin perspective and values are some of the most desired by brands today.

By analysing “Latinicity” we will establish its voice, tone and personality to get to its essence


Sergio Alcocer - President, Chief Creative Officer -  LatinWorks, USA
Andrezza Valentin -  Founder, Creative Director -  BOSSA NYC / São Paulo
Alex Pallete -  Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer -  PICNIC, Madrid