'Bacon Subtitles' by Lápiz to promote Chicago Latino Film Festival

Chicago-based creative agency Lápiz is serving up a new advertising campaign to promote the 31st Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival - movies with “Bacon Subtitles.”
Thanks to the new campaign, reading English subtitles during the Festival’s Spanish-language movies just got easier to swallow. In an effort to increase attendance and make the foreign-film experience more enjoyable, Lápiz created a new subtitle font that resembles bacon.
"The festival is having a bit of fun by creating a special font that will finally make bacon-loving Americans watch Latin American movies with subtitles,” said Laurence Klinger, Chief Creative Officer at Lápiz.
The agency spent a month developing the bacon typography, a readable alternative to mundane subtitles. A mockumentary video “Bacon Subtitles” explains the process.
In the spot, a typographer creates letters out of bacon. It doesn’t take long before he succumbs to the temptation of eating his letters and even implores the help of a vegan, all the while satirizing American eating habits.  
The first movie with the bacon subtitles, Mexican director Barbara Balsategui’s “Pork Chops/Carnitas,” aired on April 11 and 12 at the AMC River East. Ironically, the movie tells the story of a girl and her pet piglet.