López Negrete Creates Multicultural Ads for Chrysler Featuring Gael García Bernal

In order to create a successful campaign about the Chrysler C200, the most provocative mid-size sedan that’s an appealing entry-level Chrysler car for the young Hispanic driver, Lopez Negrete Communications created a series of four commercials that aim to inspire Hispanic Millenials to upgrade their expectations, figuratively posing the question, “why settle for the ordinary when you can reach the extraordinary?” The commercials feature a cameo by famous Mexican actor Gael García Bernal (of Babel, Motorcycle Diaries, Amores Perros fame) interacting with a young boy, Paco, who claims to be Gael in the past. When Gael explains to ‘Paquito’ that he has him confused with his ‘every-day joe’ neighbor Paco, Paquito decides he wants his future self to be more like Gael. The dialogue resonates with characteristically age and life-stage-less ‘Hispennials,’ who want to ‘grow young’ as they enter their 30’s.

Chief Creative Officer Fernando Osuna offers the reminder that, in trying to reach this audience, “it’s not about making commercials that sells features. Hispanic Millennials care about features, but what they really care about is what those features can do for them, what they mean to them. It's all about developing a story. In this case, the Chrysler 200 and its features were integrated in an organic way into a story about re-inventing yourself.”

Just as Paquito strives to re-invent himself, the Chrysler 200 reinvents itself to be something out of the ordinary that goes beyond expectations. Gael Garcia Bernal was a natural fit for this series of commercials, as his career, personality, attitude and coolness made for a gripping idol for Paquito. Garcia Bernal wasn’t chosen just for the sake of using a celebrity. He fit with the brand and the core message being conveyed. Conversely, Garcia Bernal loved the creative, too – a deciding factor in his decision to participate in the project.

On working with Garcia Bernal, Osuna says, “Gael is a true professional and a talented actor. He really immersed himself in the project, tweaking the story and contributing solutions when we ran into challenges. We asked him to be Gael and he truly gave his best performance of himself. It's a huge pleasure to work with such a dynamic actor that is constantly striving for the best.”


Title: "De lo ordinario a lo extraordinario"
Advertising Agency: López Negrete Communications
Client: Chrysler Group LLC
Brand: Chrysler 200
Chief Creative Officer: Fernando Osuna
Executive Creative Director: Mariano German-Coley
Creative Director: Iliana Escalona
Associate Creative Director: David Padierna
Producer: Humberto Rodriguez
Copywriter: David Padierna, Francisco Agüera, Ameth Barrera
Art Director: Luis Rodriguez, Diego Zelaya, Alejandro Ibarra
Executive Group Account Director: Pablo Miró
Account Supervisor: Sonny Villarreal
Production Company: Central Films
Executive Producer: John Barreiro
Director: Rodrigo Garcia-Saiz
Post Production: ZBB Studios
Editor: Felipe Fenton
Sound Engineer: Edmundo Gómez