La Comunidad Is No. 8 on Ad Age's 2015 Agency A-List

Joaquín Molla, Luis Montero, José Molla

Joaquín Molla, Luis Montero, José Molla

Revenue and Staff Headcount Increased by Double Digits

If there's one way to summarize why La Comunidad is on this list, it's this: The agency is scrapping its name.

Founded 14 years ago as a multicultural specialist by Argentine brothers José and Joaquín Mollá, the shop is swapping La Comunidad for The Community early this year. It's a shocking but prescient move that speaks volumes about the agency's ability to understand and adapt to the evolving industry landscape.

"It's a reflection of what's happening culturally in this country," said José Mollá, co-founder and chief creative officer. "We felt that being called La Comunidad reinforces a division that no longer exists. Language and ethnicity implied a separation that is less culturally relevant every day. In the same way that we're in a post-digital era, where the division between a digital agency and a traditional agency makes less sense, because that's not how people live their lives. We believe that culturally, we're still going through a similar process. And it's having a really interesting effect on American culture."