Richards/Lerma and Digiworks bring the Social Media passion from Brazil to The Social Cup.

It’s no secret that the entire world is watching every play, every blown call by the referees and every goal happening in Brazil. The world is also taking to Twitter to let their voices be heard.

In a joint effort, Richards/Lerma and digital agency Digiworks introduce The Social Cup; a dynamic dashboard where users can see which country garnered the most mentions, the ultimate Dream Team, how many “friendly” messages the referees have received and more.

The project started several weeks ago as an idea to predict which country would win the World Cup based on Twitter activity and mentions.

Richards/Lerma Principal and Creative Director, Aldo Quevedo stated, “Our digitally savvy team built this dashboard as a way to measure and capture the passion around the globe in an easily-digestible and visually appealing format. We have received great comments from clients and other soccer fans around the world, we are very excited to have partnered with Digiworks in this project.”

Go to their website during every game or at least once a day to see what the world is talking about.