Last Cannes Blog Post


As I settle back in to my daily schedule (and actually get some sleep and see some vegetables on my plate occasionally) it’s time to reflect back on the week that was Cannes 2014.

When you sift through the seminars filled with vague mentions of “storytelling” and “disruption,” there were some seriously interesting seminars and speakers making some seriously interesting statements:

“Good things don’t need extra colors or additives.”
-Contrapunto BBDO Creative Director Felix Del Valle

“The bridge between a dream and reality is work.”
-Jared Leto

"In the age of content, think like a marketer. Behave like an entertainer. Move like a
Tech Startup." -PJ Pereira

“Empower the greatest content creators or fuck you.”
-Kanye West

And my favorite,

“Just because you sit on a bean bag doesn’t make you creative.”
-Sir John Hegarty

As for the work, here are a few of my favorite pieces and campaigns that won big:

“Mistakes” by Clemenger BBDO for the New Zealand Transportation Agency

“Bentley Burial” by Leo Burnett for the Brazilian Association of Organ Transplants

“You Are My Son” by Lowe and Partners for the Colombian Ministry of Defense

“Bald Cartoons” by Ogilvy Brazil for GRAACC

It was a great experience, and I don’t think I’ll ever meet as many people standing in line at the bar or bathroom as I did there. A truly great reminder of just how international this business is, and the range of perspectives it takes to create fresh, outstanding ideas that make up festivals like this year after year.

So grateful for the opportunity, and I’m already chomping at the bit to get the brief
and have a shot at going again next year.

Thanks for reading.