The Círculo Creativo is open to:

  • Advertising professionals or freelance creatives employed by a Hispanic advertising company or agency, PR company or agency, or media industry company in the United States.

  • Advertising professionals or freelance creatives employed by a general market advertising company or agency, PR company or agency, media industry company, advertisers or in-house agencies in the United States who are of Latin American or Spanish origin.

  • Students and faculty members in universities in the United States.


  • Student/Faculty Member/Intern: $50.00
    Dated proof of student university enrollment will be required.

  • Junior/Assistant/Coordinator: $70.00
    Junior Copywriter, Junior Art Director, Junior Producer, Assistant Account Planner, Digital Specialist, Programming Specialist Production Coordinator, Print Production Specialist, Promotion Specialist, etc.

  • Regular/Freelancer: $90.00
    Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Agency Broadcast Producer, Print Producer, Digital Producer, Integrated Producer, Account Planner, Strategic Planner, Promotional Event Planner, etc.

  • Senior: $110.00
    Associate Creative Director, Senior Producer, etc.

  • Director/Manager: $130.00
    Group Creative Director, Creative Director, Digital Creative Director, Art Director, Director of Production, Broadcast Production Manager, Production Manager, Director of Planning, Director of Strategy, etc.

  • CEO/CCO/ECD/VP: $150.00
    Chief Executive Officer, Chief Creative Officer, Executive Creative Director, Vice President


  • Group of 10 Memberships: $1,100
    10 memberships at $110 flat fee each

  • Group of 20 Memberships: $2,200
    20 memberships at $110 flat fee each

  • Group of 30 Memberships: $3,300
    30 memberships at $110 flat fee each

  • Group of 40 Memberships: $4,400
    40 memberships at $110 flat fee each

  • Group of 50 Memberships: $5,500
    50 memberships at $110 flat fee each


  • Free or discounted admission to various Círculo Creativo events throughout the year.

  • Option to participate in Círculo Creativo’s competition: "2019 U.S. Hispanic Young Lions Competition"
    The competition will be open to teams of two professionals aged 30 years or younger: born after June 22, 1988. (To be confirmed and subject to eligibility requirements). Students and faculty members cannot participate in this competition.
    For general market creatives, please visit the NCM 2019 U.S. Young Lions Competition

  • Letter of Verification (U.S.H. Idea Awards / Visa letter application)



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All 2019 memberships are valid from the 1st of January to the 31st of December 2019.
All memberships are personal, individual and are non-transferable or reimbursable.
If your agency or business sponsored the payment of the membership, the membership will remain active for the individual even if you change agency or business. 
Memberships can only be purchased online. Personal or business checks are no longer accepted.

We accept these online payment methods:

  • Visa (credit and debit cards)

  • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)

  • American Express

  • Discover (US merchants only)

  • PayPal (customers can also check out with Venmo on PayPal)

If you have any questions or issues about your membership, please contact Francisco Vargas at paco@circulocreativo.org

*All information listed is subject to change without notice.